Jeff WestoverMy name is Jeff Westover. I am a small business owner, an ecommerce expert, a freelance writer and web developer based in Utah.

The Internet has been a real blessing to this one-time Journalism major. It has allowed me to pursue my passion for writing. It has also allowed me to use my real world working experience to connect with people seeking inspiration and direction.

Along the way I have found skills in web architecture, branding, e-commerce development, social media engagement and online community building.

I’m no kid. I have been writing for online publications since 1990 and producing web sites since the mid-1990s. Yes, that makes me an Internet pioneer. Or an old fart — you decide.

In the real world I have had a long career in retail executive management. I have worked for Longs Drug Stores, Weinstocks, Kits Cameras, Ritz Cameras, Eastman Kodak and See’s Candies. Along the way I have managed both offline operations and sales, as well as online marketing and sales efforts. I have managed teams both large and small.

What you will find here are links to projects past and present. These are all real-life: not some souped-up, made-up content intended to just sell me. This is stuff that has already provided me with income.

Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Some people only see the “free” part of freelance.

Over the years I have seen a continual decline in creative compensation as more and more publications opt to give work to non-English speaking writers of no practical experience.

It is no wonder we have less than 5 seconds to make an impression on any given page. So much of what is put out there is that poor. Results are hard to come by in that kind of time frame. You need to know what you’re doing to keep eyes on the page and clicks when it counts. Simply put, you get what you pay for. If you don’t do it right it will reflect on you through high bounce rates and low conversions.

When I write I put not only my skills for wordsmithing into play I also bring my decades of life experience as a retail business executive, a father, a husband, a citizen, a rabid baseball fan, a history geek, an employee and an employer, an Internet freak and everything I possess in outstanding research skills to the table.

I bake from scratch, so to speak. I write the old fashioned way. I provide what readers want to consume in an engaging and sometimes — dare I say it? — entertaining way.

Search engines are important and play a definite part in modern writing.

But I like pleasing eyeballs and minds first. Search engines will follow if you optimize for your customers first.

Please review my little showcase here and let me know how I might be able to help you. If my cost is your first concern, I will gladly be forthright in communicating what it will take.

I’m sensitive about costs too. After all, I publish websites, run an e-commerce business, manage my own social media channels and play the SEO game with my own ventures, too.

Believe it or not, I also use freelancers, including other writers.

None of us have a monopoly on quality or the right kind of voice for any given venue. All of this, I believe, makes my skills for your project useful.

Please tell me about your project, your timeline, your budget and your expectations by contacting me via this link.