Buy it cheap and stack it deep. We know selling.


The most complicated websites online are e-commerce. That is because you want your website to showcase your products your way while offering the highlest level of customer service possible. And because we’re all consumers online we are all experts on what works for e-commerce. In fact, how many of us have bailed on a purchase simply because we didn’t like the e-commerce experience we were having? I have nearly 40 years of retail experience and I don’t pretend to have all the answers when it comes to e-commerce. I manage my own online store: I know the challenges. I can help with yours:

Marketplace Development – Setting up to sell online requires attention to a million details. It begins with proper programming of product features, benefits and core inventory information. How things are ordered, described and catalogued matters.

Inventory Management Design – The backbone of every store lies in making it ready to sell. Controlling the process of how it comes in and goes out requires thought and strategy. You have to get this right.

Pricing and Promotion Planning – What’s your business and what do people love about it? How do you price it right? How can you promote it by adding value to the product and not cheapening it? Who is the target customer and how do you reach them? We can help you develop a plan to price and promote it right.

Payment Solutions – Receiving payment matters on several levels: How much to process to sale? How safe is it? How long do you have to wait for your money? What hardware might be needed? How do you legally safeguard and store customer information? There are many complex — and expensive — solutions out there. We can help you implement the payment process you require.

Social Media Integration – Social media with e-commerce is very complicated. You need to have the right people, the right voice and the ability to be timely with everything you do on social media. Do it right and it’s cheap promotion that leads to conversions. Do it wrong and it’s money down a rat hole.

Fullfillment Strategies – How do you push out the orders once they are paid for? Simple to say, harder to actually do. You have to communicate what you can do and over-deliver to meet customer expectations. We can help.

Shipping and Return Process and Policy Development – Retail is retail, even online. You have to design and be ready to implement all the usual things that go  with selling. Your credibility with search engines and marketplaces depends upon your readiness in this regard.

Beyond Your Site – Selling for many goes beyond their websites and social media channels. Often you need to set up shop on Amazon as a seller — or eBay, or Shopify or dozens of others. We have experience with the marketplaces online where people shop. We can help.