We can help get it done online.


Our services fall into the following broad categories:

SEM – Search Engine Marketing. Google Ads, Amazon listings, Facebook ads, Microsoft Ads, Twitter and Instagram: it’s all part of reaching customers and appealing to search engines. This is what I do.

Content — Content development is the work of putting words to posts, pages, stores and resources online. Words are the currency of the Internet. The right words in the right places formatted correctly are what cause your sites and social media channels to be found.

Social Media — Making your website live and breathe as an entity is the work of social media. Through it you connect and communicate with customers and fans. There is an art and a method to managing a social media channel. It takes a strategy, a style and constant work.

E-commerce — Selling online needs to be a mix of both old and new. You’ve got to be able to provide world-class service through the cold interface of the Internet. That’s not easy.

Web Services — There are no true one-click solutions out there. Doing the job right does not mean using a one-size-fits-all approach. From hosting to SEO management there are a myriad of choices. What we offer can help.