Social Media

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Social Media

You cannot think of social media for your business the same way that you think of social media for yourself. It is the live stage of content. You have to plan your social media very carefully when marketing your business. It is customer interaction for all to see. You need to be your best. I can help:

Channel Establishment – Setting up social media accounts for your website and business requires great thought. Which platforms are best to be on? How often and in what ways should you post? What does it take to maintain it? We can help you through the maze of social media options.

Content Calendaring – Nothing kills a business on social media better than an inactive stream. You need to get it out there when people are most likely to respond. That takes a lot of strategy.

Marketing – You CAN sell on social media. It’s not only an extention of your website, it is another sales channel altogether. Converting sales outside of your website is one of the wonders of the Internet.

Website Integration – Embedding social media in your site is very important, especially if you sell digital goods. It also also helps you reach your customers who are stubborn in subscribing to your email newsletters and other outreach efforts. Putting social media on your website is critical.