Social Media

Leaving Social Media

I’m leaving social media.

Well, not for business. Just for personal peace.

I’m not afraid to admit that election years just wear me down. But the year of 2020 has been exceptionally outrageous.

I will not get into “what happened” to explain it. But after more than a dozen years on both Facebook and Twitter I have disconnected personally. My business pages for various ventures will remain for the meantime.

I’ve long been a news junkie and I don’t know if I can get that out of my system. But I am a big believer in personal responsibility and this step for me was one of self-preservation. When I announced it there was some shocked reaction, if only because I was an early adopter and was pretty active.

But there was also a lot of support. Folks understand because they too are just weary of “stuff”.

Ironically, I have kept connected to this page the social media account I detest the most: LinkedIn.

Why have I kept it?

Well, for one, it’s all business. Nobody but nobody I know there talks news, politics or religion.

But for another I’m not really active there. I give it zero commitment. In other words, LinkedIn is not a drain on my time, resources or energy.

Now, all that being said, you DO have to know I’ve maintained accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have to. Too much of what I do for clients requires that I keep up and use those sites. But now it’s just business and nothing personal for me.

In a way, it’s a big step because I did use social media to connect to family. I’m just going to have to trust for now that I can connect with them in more traditional ways — text messages, phone calls and just sticking my head out the window to yell “Hey!”. I know, kind of a backwards thought in the new normal of COVID.

But that’s the way it is.

I was once a pioneer of social media. Now I’m a pioneer of leaving it.

So far, it feels good.