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Web Services

WordPress Deployment – WordPress is a Content Management System that powers better than 60% of all websites online. It is used by everyone from news organizations to online stores. It is easy to use, fast, and search engines love it. I have been using WordPress for most of my sites since about 2004. Despite its ease-of-use many are intimidated or afraid to set up their own freestanding website due to a lack of understanding or skills. I can help.

Theme Customization – WordPress has millions of “themes” available that present web content. The problem with themes is that they can make websites have a cookie-cutter look to them. That’s a problem for a business needing to set itself apart. Theme customization requires graphic skills, some technical programming, and plenty of communication to set up. I do this for my own site. I can do it for yours.

Hosting – If you run any kind of business where money is exchanged online or customer information is input and stored, then you need a secure solution. The right web host makes all the difference. I use dedicated servers — which means I manage every part of host security. Your site on my server means you are not sharing web space with hundreds or thousands. You’re dealing with just little old me. And that’s much safer, much faster and support response is that much quicker.

Domain Name Management – There are hundreds of places to register a name online. It’s easy. But if you’d rather not deal with it I’ll deal with it for you. Domains require registration, annual upkeep relative to contact and technical information and management of settings relative to your site server. I can handle all that for your project.

Domains for Sale – I have a large domain portfolio and offer domains for sale all the time. This is my list of currently available domains.

Toll Free Phone Numbers – Any business needs to have instant capabilities for customers to connect with them. The best websites online make that possible through the low-tech feature of telephones. A toll free number shows people you’re serious not only about your business but about them. It is not expensive and is easily customizable. Tell me what you exactly want to do and I’ll give you a fair price.

Email Newsletters – We all hate spam so why create it? The trick to good email newsletters from your business is to make it something your customers want to read. If you don’t, it’s junk. I can be your voice that produces email newsletters that gets clicks — not complaints of spam.